Nazis crawl back under their rock

This is what happens when we refuse to let fascism and radical hate be normalized. We win.

We Got the Passion

When showed up at my own polling place at 7 p.m., an hour before closing, I was told that they were 12 voters away from doubling their normal primary voting numbers. That in itself would be a great thing, but that's not even the best part.

Voter Suppression Struck Down in Florida

To ban early voting on campus “reveals a stark pattern of discrimination,” Walker wrote. “It is unexplainable on grounds other than age because it bears so heavily on younger voters than all other voters."

TERRIBLE RATINGS: Trump’s New Approval Poll is Devastating

The takeaway here? As Trump himself would say: TERRIBLE RATINGS. He is a vulnerable politician who should very much fear for his job security. And it's our job to make sure those fears are realized.

Freeing Hope in Others

I asked him if he ever gave up hope for his life, and he told me, “Never.” “I looked for ways to serve others,” he said. “Anytime I felt like there was no hope for me, I looked for ways to give hope to others.”

The Importance of Being Hopeful

Hope Therapy states that a belief in hope leads to positive feelings and effective behaviors.

How important is hope, really? Does it make sense to feel hopeful at a time when the world seems t have gone mad, or is it psychologically safer allow cynicism to build a protective shell around our hearts and minds?