Nazis crawl back under their rock

Last year, the world was horrified as Nazis, KKK members, alt-right hooligans and other assorted nuts assembled in Charlottesville, Va., for the “Unite the Right” rally. What resulted was a two-day hatefest that erupted into violence and ultimately led to the death of counter-protestor Heather Heyer.

So when the same group announced plans for a commemorative anniversary of the Unite the Right rally to be held this year in Washington, D C., people were understadablun concerned. No one wanted a repeat of last year. No one who wasn’t a white supremacist, anyway.

So as the day of the protest arrived, Aug. 12, no one was sure what to expect .

But I don’t think anyone expected this


What do you call a rally when no one rallies to the cause? And notice how many hide their faces behind a kerchief or flag or piece of paper. Why are they not proud to show their white faces???

By most estimates, only 20 hardcore haters showed up. The BBC, ever generous, said maybe they numbered as high as 30. And though they had a permit to rally from 5-7 p.m., they broke up soon after it began.

On the other side, I fully did expect this:

People who are not intimidated, standing up to the forces of fear and hate. I love them all.

People like this are why only 20 Nazis showed up today.

People like this are why Richard Spencer declared it was no longer fun to be the face of the alt-right.

People like this are why Milo Yianopolous has had a precipitous fall as the darling boy of the provocative right.

This is what happens when we refuse to let fascism and radical hate be normalized.

We win.

Don’t stop fighting back.


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