Stand Up, Speak Out

Stand Up, Speak Out

The strongest weapon against corruption, authoritarianism and cruelty is your voice. They’re counting on your fear to keep you quiet. It’s why they work so hard to intimidate you. Don’t fall for it.

Stand up.

Speak up.

Don’t be afraid. We are here to stand with you.

Have hope! We will win.

2 Replies to “Stand Up, Speak Out”

  1. Exactly! And that is what the American people did. We stood up,spoke up, and elected President Trump to make our country great again! We, the People will not be intimidated by the Left and those that they pander to- and enable anymore.

    But go ahead and try. If you do silence our voices, it will only mean that nothing will interfere with joyful sound of arms and the screams of your dying.

    We ARE going to make America great again. It’s entirely up your sort to decide if you want to live to see it.


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