GOP Shows its Ass

There’s showing you ass, and then there’s … well … showing your ass.

By now, you’ve probably heard about Jason Spencer, the Georgia State representative who chose to humiliate himself when he crossed paths with Sascha Baron Cohen, who was masquerading as an Israeli self-defense expert. If you haven’t, you really need to take a moment and treat yourself to some career-ending footage:



After initially saying he wouldn’t resign, the erstwhile Rep. Spencer thought better of it and by Tuesday announced he would step down.

But it got me thinking: How did Baron Cohen know to approach THIS guy?

Turns out that Spencer has a long and lose relationship with sanity as the rest of us know it.

I’m somewhat chagrined to say that Spencer graduated from my alma mater, the University of Georgia, though while I got a degree in journalism, he made do with one in … exercise and sport science.

Exercise? Seriously? I have questions. First, they give degrees in this? But also, did you look at the guy in the video? When was the last time he practiced what he graduated in?

Alright, my mocking aside, he did go on to get a master’s degree in  physician assistant studies from the University of Nebraska Medical Center.

But instead of doing good for a living, our man Jason joined the Tea Party and decided to run for office and become part of solution problem, or whatever it was those Tea Party people set out to do. He hated the thought of people getting affordable health care and called supporters of the Affordable Health Care “Benedict Arnolds.” He sounds nice!

But if there’s one thing that he hates more than poor people who go to a doctor, it’s Muslims (one shudders to think what he’d do if a poor Muslim could go to see a doctor!). He especially can’t stand Muslim women who have the nerve to wear the hijab, or worse, niqab (full-face veil). So he introduced a bill that would abridge their constitutional right to decide how to express their religious faith. He called it “anti-masking,” but the rest of the world called it what it was: anti-Muslim.

In fact, his bigotry against Muslims is so overbearing that he had the gall to call a constituent who donated $10 to the Council for American-Islamic Relations a terrorist. (No word on what he called the donors who gave himself thousands of dollars to his campaigns, however.)

Oh yeah. Another thing he hates? Black people who have the nerve to speak up for themselves. Like state Rep. LaDawn Jones, who advocated for the removal of Confederate monuments. You know — statues that glorify the people who fought to keep her ancestors enslaved. Some people are touchy about that!

But so is Spencer. Touchy about any efforts to get rid of the Confederacy Cult, I mean. Because he threatened Jones, telling her that she’d end up at the bottom of the Okefenokee Swam if she wouldn’t just SHUT UP about wanting to end the glorification of slavery. What a guy.

After all these things, Spencer got it in his head that he was being persecuted. Don’t bullies always squeal like a pig when anyone stands up to them? So for these reasons, maybe, Baron Cohen knew he was ripe for the picking. And it couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy.

If after all this, you STILL feel sorry for the little weirdo with the pants around his ankles? Don’t. His constituents were already on to him. Spencer lost his primary already early this year, and his days in office were already numbered. He was going to be leaving office in December anyhow. It’s just good for Georgia that he’s leaving sooner rather than later.

And the NEXT time a Republican tries to tell you that any Democrat is “unhinged” because they are angry that Trump sold our country out to Putin, just remind them that Jason Spencer played on THEIR team.

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