Hope is Resistance

How does one keep a focus on the children cruelly separated from their families at the Mexican border while Trump cavorts with his patron and puppet master Putin behind closed doors, promising him who knows what while intimating that he may hand over American citizens to that murdering strongman for questioning? Maintaining our resolve to fight against Trump in the face of a never-ending onslaught of outrages is certainly one of the great challenges of the moment.

The answer — at least part of it — is hope. Without hope that our fight and our resistance will ultimately be victorious, the sheer effort it takes to fight against Trump’s barrage of civil rights roll backs, foreign policy u-turns, authoritarian power grabs and general craziness becomes unsustainable. The will to resist gives way to powerlessness and apathy. An energized and mobilized resistance of millions becomes a population ready to cave in to fascist autocrat.

Trump wants us to lose hope.

Conversely, it is in our best interest to do all we can to keep hope alive. That, then, is the purpose of this site.

HopeIsResistance is an extended love letter to all the people who are fighting back against the forces who are twisting America into a country we don’t recognize. I am with you, and we are all in this together. We are united, and we must lift each other up.


Listen to your daughters

This is how memory works. It’s Swiss cheese. But once you’ve eaten it, that doesn’t mean you can’t remember that it was both Swiss and cheese.